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Monument Valley 2 branding


In 2017 I was hired to create a logo and a visual identity for Ustwo games’ new big release ‘Monument Valley 2’. Being a follow-up to the original game ‘Monument Valley’ , I was familiar with the game’s strong visual language, each level being beautifully designed in bright colours. To compliment the stunning artwork of the game the identity needed to be simple as well as being versatile  enough to work in striking colours, as well as in a subtle black or white. The logo mark being the ‘M’ with two circles above representing both the two main characters (a mother and child) as well as the mountains and the valley that the game is named after. The font was customised slightly to encompass the more fairytale like storytelling throughout, and each icon was designed in the game to be easy to use, yet elegant and clean. I worked closely with a web designer to create a site that would encompass both the first game and the second, as well as a web-shop. 


Monument Valley 2 was downloaded 3,495,056 times